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Toast For Vets

Celebrating Liberation of Paris August 19th 2022!

Support our Vets by giving back a part of your profit from each glass/bottle of Libération de Paris sold!

Libération de Paris is a range of fine French wines, owned by a Texas joint-venture, Libération LLC, and a tribute to the commitment of the United States in World War II.

Veterans are at the genesis of the development and creation of Libération de Paris and for every bottle we sell in the United States, we donate back to local VA hospitals, camp Hope and The Wave campaign.

This year we want to get everybody together to raise more fund for Veterans during the month of August!

For the day of Liberation of Paris's day (Wednesday August 19th), from the August 19th to 30th, we invite all bars and restaurants to donate back a part of their profit from each glass or bottle of Libération de Paris sold.

You are free to choose the amount you want to give back ($1;$2... by glass sold; $1;$2... by bottle sold) and the local or national Veterans association you want to donate to.



Let us know if you're participating

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