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026-Badet Clément - Libération de Paris - Charmont 2022 09 - Sur la Jeep - Antoine Martel
How Liberation de Paris came to be...

Liberation de Paris was created after the meeting of two families, the Delaunay and the Bonneté, who fell into a wonderful friendship when they met for the first time at a fundraising event in Houston. Back in 2014, Nathalie and Jean-Francois Bonneté were organizing a fundraiser for children and adults with special needs, specifically with Down syndrome. It was a major event made alongside Spec’s, a well-known wine and spirit retailer in Texas as well as a French foundation, which leads in adults and children with down syndrome.

Included in the delegation from France that came to support this event was the person responsible for providing the amazing Grand Cru wines from Burgundy that were to be auction off: Laurent Delaunay. Laurent and Jean-Francois instantly developed a very strong connection and realized they had the same vision when it came to wine, winemaking and where French wines needed to evolve to in the US market. That day, both couples decided to partner up and work together to execute this common vision.

The outcome of this shared vision that stemmed from this friendship between the two families, was Liberation de Paris.

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