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L'Etoile recommends Liberation de Paris

Houston Food Finder's Holly Beretto goes around the fine restaurants of Houston to ask which wines the bartenders like the best and recommend.

The delicious French restaurant, L'Etoile, uses Liberation de Paris as its pick:

Étoile Cuisine et Bar, 1101 Uptown Park: Bar manager Michael Danner says that he loves the Liberation de Paris, a supple little Côtes du Rhone. “It’s a real crowd pleaser,” he says of the wine, which the restaurant sells for $36 a bottle. “There’s a touch of wood in it, and deep, dark fruit.” He calls it a terrific alternative to Bordeaux reds, which can easily sell for three or four times the price. Anyone looking for a sparkler for the summer, he says, should consider the Kraemer Blanc de Blanc, which he calls “crisp and bone dry.” He uses it for all of Etoile’s cocktails that call for a sparkling wine. It’s $32 a bottle and $8 a glass.

Check out the article:

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