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Côtes de Provence AOC

Provence is the home of French rosé and this wine is a classic example of Côtesde Provence, fresh, well-balanced and elegant, with lovely clean mineralityon the finish.

APPELLATION> Côtes de Provence A.O.C.


SOIL> The grapes come from various plots located within the communes of Gonfaronand Flassanssur Issole, typical Provencal villages at the heart of the Vardepartment in Southern France, and from Puyloubier, a village at the foot of the famed Sainte Victoiremountain.

VINIFICATION> The wines are crafted at a winery that draws on traditional methods. The grapes are brought to the winery early in the morning. They are pressed immediately in presses kept in the cold before the must is allowed to settle. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel thermoregulatedtanks and the wine is aged for a short time on fine lees.

TASTING NOTES> Beautiful rose petal colour. The nose is expressive, offering intense aromas of red berries and white blossoms. This wine is refreshing, elegant and delectable on the palate with lovely clean mineralityon the finish.

FOOD & WINES> Enjoy this Côtesde Provence as an aperitif or with a seaside meal composed of salads, seafood and grilled meats.

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